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In recent days, I have been wearing masks almost every day. In order to prevent the infection of new coronary pneumonia, I am more worried about the air permeability of medical masks, and I am afraid of acne. Is the air permeability of medical masks good? What kind of mask is breathable?


Are medical masks breathable?


It depends on the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, ordinary disposable masks are simply dust-proof and sand-proof, and the breathability is OK, but if you buy a professional anti-smog mask, the breathability is not very good, because the higher the protection level, the less breathable. At this time, you can buy a medical mask with a breathing valve from Shijia. With a valve, you can exhale smoothly, and the mask will not be stuffy.


What kind of mask is breathable


 It is recommended to use disposable medical masks, which have better air permeability. The disposable mask is made of two layers of 28 grams of non-woven fabrics; the nose bridge is made of environmentally friendly all-plastic strips, does not contain any metal, and is equipped with breathable straps. It is comfortable and especially suitable for electronic factories and daily use. However, it should be noted that disposable medical surgical masks can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent, but cannot prevent haze. Therefore, you should pay attention when purchasing, and you should choose a mask with the words "medical surgical mask" clearly marked on the outer packaging.


What classification do medical masks belong to?


 Medical masks are generally divided into three categories, namely disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. The following is a brief description of three different types of medical masks: Disposable medical masks Disposable medical masks, also known as ordinary medical masks, are generally used in ordinary medical environments and do not have too many requirements for tightness and blood isolation. . Common disposable medical masks are divided into two types: earband type and lace-up type. In appearance, they are similar to medical surgical masks. Medical surgical masks Medical surgical masks are generally used in environments with body fluids and blood splashes, such as hospital operating rooms. This type of mask can effectively isolate blood and body fluids, preventing blood and body fluids from passing through the mask to infect the wearer, but it is insufficient for particle filtration, and the design is mostly rectangular, which is not as close to the face as medical masks. protective mask. Medical protective masks Medical protective masks are generally used in environments with respiratory infectious diseases. They can filter particles in the air, block pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach 95%. The above is a kind of tight self-priming filter medical protective equipment, and it is also a one-time use product. Common medical protective masks are available in two styles: arched and folded.


Will wearing a disposable mask cause acne?


Generally not. Disposable medical masks are sterilized and have good air permeability. Under normal circumstances, they will not cause acne on the face. However, if you wear an airtight mask for a long time, the droplets during breathing and conversation will be A local humid and hot environment is formed around the mouth, resulting in dust, bacteria, etc. in the environment, which are easy to adhere to the mask. If the mask is not replaced regularly, it may cause acne.

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