Is gauze mask disposable? Which is better, gauze mask or disposable mask - famous type I mask price

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Gauze masks are familiar to many people. They are mainly made of sparse cotton cloth. Are gauze masks disposable? Which is better, gauze mask or disposable mask?


Is the gauze mask disposable


No, Gauze mask is sewn and processed with cotton cloth, also known as woven dust mask. It is mainly used in the working environment containing low concentration of harmful gas and steam. Its appearance is pure white. Generally, gauze mask can be used after cleaning and disinfection. It is not a disposable mask, but it is not recommended to continue to use in case of damage and yellowing, Not only can it not bring good dustproof effect, but also make bacteria and other harmful substances enter the human body and affect their own health.


Which is better, gauze mask or disposable mask


It is recommended to use disposable masks. The disposable mask is made of more than three layers of non-woven fabrics, and a layer of filter spray cloth with more than 99% filtration and anti bacteria is added in the middle. It does not contain any metal. It is breathable and comfortable to wear. It can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, but it can not play the role of anti haze. The gauze mask is sewed and processed with sparse cotton cloth without filter layer, It can only adsorb large particles such as external dust. Both material and filtering performance are not as good as disposable masks.Therefore, it is recommended to use disposable masks when preventing virus infection.


Can gauze masks block droplets


No. Gauze mask is mainly used in the environment of low concentration harmful gas and steam operation, which can not be used to block droplets, and has no good effect on body fluids and pollutants in the air. Therefore, it is not suitable to use it in the prevention of virus infection. Disposable medical mask, medical surgical mask, N95 mask, N90 mask, etc. are recommended for protection. In addition, At the same time of protection, disinfect and protect personal hygiene.


Is a 6-layer gauze mask useful


It doesn't have much effect. First, in the prevention of respiratory tract infection, the use of gauze masks does not have a great effect. In addition, wearing two or more masks at a time can not increase the protective effect, and the interception rate of virus is the same. In addition, wearing multi-layer masks for a long time will not only have obvious dyspnea, but also affect the facial skin, often accompanied by blushing, acne and so on. Therefore, it is recommended to wear the mask according to the specifications and replace the mask in time.

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