HK ready for three-day voluntary universal testing

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Update time : 2022-04-11 10:43:02

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Wednesday that the distribution of anti-pandemic service bags to all households will be finished today, paving the way for Hong Kong’s three-day voluntary universal testing to start on Friday.

Speaking at a COVID-19 media conference, Lam called on all residents to conduct rapid antigen tests for three consecutive days starting Friday in order to ferret out infections and cut transmission chains in the community.

The government will set up 89 centers for residents who need more anti-pandemic service bags. For those who could not be reached during door-to-door visits, collection slips have been left for them to pick up the items at the distribution points.

The government has been distributing anti-epidemic service bags to 2.7 million households across the city since Saturday. Each kit comprises 20 KN95 masks, 20 rapid antigen test agents, two boxes of proprietary traditional Chinese medicine, and anti-pandemic information kits.

Acting Secretary for Home Affairs Jack Chan Jick-chi said the replenishing centers will begin operating on Thursday.

Those who test positive are required to report to the authorities within 24 hours, and the government will provide them with an oximeter and traditional Chinese medicine for those who are confirmed infected. Those who are considered close contacts of infected patients will receive a bag of face masks, more rapid antigen test kits, and a brochure on home quarantine.

Noting the increasing flow of people in the community, Lam urged residents not to down their guard against COVID-19, despite the decline in the number of recorded daily cases.

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