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Masks are common items in life. I bought a box of masks yesterday. The masks look clean. How long is the shelf life of the masks?


How long is the shelf life of the mask

Unopened masks have a 2-year shelf life. Generally within the shelf life, you can store it in a clean ziplock bag or plastic bag, tie the bag tightly and store it in a cool and dry place, so that it is not contaminated with dust. Tips: Remember that masks that are more than 2 years old and used disposable masks should not be reused, which will greatly reduce the use effect.


The correct way to wear a mask

1. Face the side of the mask without nose clip, so that the nose clip is above the mask. Hold the mask on your face with your hands, and put the mask against your chin.

2. Pull the upper headband over the top of the head and place it above the top of the head.

3. Pull the lower headband over the top of the head and place it under the ears behind the neck.

4. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose clip, while pressing inward, move your fingertips along the sides of the nose clip until the nose clip is completely pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Pinching the nose clip of the mask with only one hand may affect the tightness of the mask.

5. The user must check the tightness of the mask with the face: ① Cover the mask with both hands to avoid affecting the position of the mask on the face; ② Inhale quickly. If air leaks from the bridge of the nose, readjust the nose clip according to step 4; if air leaks from the edge of the mask, readjust the headband; if a good fit cannot be obtained, repeat steps 1-4. ③If there is no leakage, it means wearing well.


Who can not wear a mask

Wearing a mask will increase breathing resistance and sultry feeling. Not everyone is suitable for wearing a mask. Special groups of people must be careful when choosing protective masks. Pregnant women When wearing protective masks, pregnant women should pay attention to their own conditions and choose products with better comfort, such as protective masks equipped with exhalation valves to reduce exhalation resistance and sultry feeling.

1. Before wearing, you should consult a professional physician to confirm that your physical condition is suitable.

2. Elderly people and patients with chronic diseases The physical condition of the elderly and patients with chronic diseases should minimize going out, go out less, and wear less masks. For example, patients with cardiopulmonary diseases will cause discomfort and even aggravate the original condition. These people should consult a doctor , Seek their professional guidance.

3. Children Children are in the stage of growth and development, and their faces are small. It is difficult for ordinary masks to achieve a close-fitting effect. It is advisable to choose protective masks produced by regular manufacturers and suitable for children.

Type IIR Medical Surgical Mask (Tie-On)

Precautions for using masks

1. In order to better play the protective role of the mask, try to tighten the elastic band of the mask when wearing the mask, and press the aluminum sheets on both sides of the nose to reduce leakage around it, and it is best to breathe slowly.

2. The wearing time should be appropriate. Medical non-woven masks can be used continuously for 6-8 hours, and should be replaced in time when the following situations are encountered: breathing difficulties, the mask is damaged or destroyed, the mask cannot be closely attached to the face, and the mask is contaminated (for example, when it is stained with foreign objects such as blood stains or droplets) , Has been used in isolation wards or in contact with patients, it has a peculiar smell.

3. Never squeeze the mask with your hands after wearing it. All kinds of masks, including N95 masks, can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask with your hands and make the virus soak through the mask with droplets, there is still a chance of infection.

4. Do not discard discarded masks at will, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution. Masks used in the general environment should be put into the trash can, and masks used in environmental pollution should be treated as hazardous waste.

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