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How often does the mask change? What kind of mask do ordinary residents use? - famous medical surgical mask

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Masks are common items in daily life. There has always been some controversy about the use time of masks. How often should the masks be changed? Let's take a look!


How often to change the mask

  1. Medical non-woven mask 6-8 hours. Recommendations: If breathing difficulties occur during use, the mask is damaged or damaged; the mask cannot be tightly attached to the face; the mask is contaminated, contaminated with blood stains or droplets and other foreign objects; if there is a peculiar smell, it needs to be replaced in time.
  2. 3M masks for one week. The 3M mask material is a non-woven fabric and electrostatic filter material, which cannot be washed with water, otherwise the filter material will be ineffective and the filtering effect will be seriously affected. Generally, it can be used for about a week. Suggestion: If you have been exposed to an infectious disease environment; or found parts are damaged, such as: nose clips, straps are damaged; the inner layer of the mask becomes dirty; the breathing resistance becomes so large that you feel difficult to breathe, you should replace it immediately.
  3. N95 mask depends on the specific situation. N95 masks are professional medical protective masks. N95 masks have a filtration efficiency of 95% and are generally used by medical staff. N95 masks have no specific use time. Recommendation: When any part of the N95 mask is damaged, broken or lost, such as nose clips, nose clip pads, and the breathing resistance is obviously increased, the entire N95 mask should be discarded.


What masks do ordinary residents use

  1. Disposable medical masks are recommended to be used in non-crowded public places.
  2. The protective effect of medical surgical masks is better than that of disposable medical masks, and it is recommended to wear them during the on-duty period such as home isolation, public transportation drivers, taxi drivers, and public place service personnel of sanitation workers.


Can I wear a disposable mask twice?

It is not recommended to use disposable masks repeatedly. Disposable masks are generally recommended to be used for 6-8 hours. If conditions do not permit, it is feasible to change them a day. Repeated use may breed bacteria. If there is dust or air pollution, or infectious diseases, pay special attention to timely replacement of masks.


Can N95 masks be washed and reused?

It is not recommended to wash N95 masks in water. After cleaning the N95 mask, the structure of the middle filter layer of the mask is damaged, and under the action of water molecules, the electrostatic adsorption and filtration effect of the N95 mask will be reduced, and its preventive effect will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the mask is easily washed out during the cleaning process, so it is not recommended Clean the N95 mask. If you do not replace the mask and want to reuse the N95 mask, you can sterilize it with ultraviolet light or blow it with hot air for 5-10 minutes for disinfection. This treatment is better than washing with water.

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