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Is a surgical mask a medical mask? What is a medical surgical mask? - famous medical surgical mask price

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As a safety protection product, masks have many types and functions. So are surgical masks a medical mask?

Type I Medical Disposable MaskType IIR Medical Surgical Mask (Ear-Loop)

Are surgical masks a medical mask?


Different, "medical surgical masks" are medical masks commonly used in operating rooms and other environments where there is a risk of body fluids and blood splashes. They can block blood and body fluids from passing through the mask to contaminate the wearer, and at the same time, the filtration efficiency of bacteria is more than 70%. The filtration efficiency of the mask is limited, and most of them are rectangular in design, and the fit with the face is not as tight as that of medical protective masks. Common medical surgical masks include strap-type, ear-hook type, etc. Ordinary-grade medical masks have many names. Medical masks without the words "protection" and "surgery" on the name are ordinary-grade medical masks. This level of masks is not required to have a barrier effect on blood, and there is no requirement for tightness. Therefore, it is only used for wearing in ordinary medical environments. Common common medical masks are mostly ear-hook type, and their appearance is similar to ear-hook surgical masks.


What is a medical surgical mask


Medical surgical masks are generally used in high-demand environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms. They are masks worn by medical staff. The safety factor is relatively high, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses is strong. Medical surgical masks can also be used to prevent influenza.

Type I Medical Disposable Mask (Morandi Series) 1Type I Medical Disposable Mask (Morandi Series) 2

Homemade Medical Surgical Mask


Mask making process: 1. Prepare two white cotton cloths and plastic wrap or plastic bags of the same size. (Cling film or fresh-keeping bag can block external droplets and infectious diseases), the size is 18.5 cm wide x 16 cm vertical (yellow line) 2. Prepare two more rubber ropes, and the size is 3.5 cm wide x 11 cm long of cloth. 3. Sandwich the plastic wrap between two layers of cotton cloth (to isolate the virus), and sew with a sewing machine or needle thread (blue thread). 4. Flip back to the front and fold the fabric evenly as shown in the photo below. 5. Sew another 4 to 5 mm on both ends. Match the two prepared narrow cloth pieces on the ends. Sew on both sides with a seam allowance of about 8mm (blue line). 6. Flip the cloth back to the "front" and fold the edges of both ends of the cloth. (The part of the black thread is the perforated thread through the rubber elastic rope) 7. Fix the surface with a needle, and sew it with a needle thread and a sewing machine. 8. Pass through the rubber rope, tie the knot, and the simple mask is finished. Normal size masks are not suitable for children to wear. Homemade masks can be made according to preferences and needs to meet individual needs. Homemade masks not only solve the problem of mask shortage, but also increase the fun of life, and are environmentally friendly, safe, and comfortable to wear. If you want to be more comfortable, you can add an extra layer or two of cotton cloth to the innermost layer of the skin-friendly layer. However, it should be noted that this mask is only suitable for temporary protection, and the real surgical mask needs a professional environment and equipment to make.


The correct way to wear a mask


1. Put the light-colored side close to our face. In addition, the end with the metal strip is above the mask, and then hang the ropes at both ends on the ears. 2. Press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands, so that the upper end of the mask is close to the bridge of the nose, and then stretch the mask downward so that the mask does not leave any wrinkles.

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