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I went to buy a mask yesterday, and the pharmacy told me that only non-sterile masks can be bought now. What does non-sterile masks mean? Let's take a look below!


What does non-sterile mask mean?


Non-sterile masks are ordinary dust masks that we often talk about in our lives. The protection focus of non-sterilized masks is not to isolate bacteria, and can not effectively help isolate bacteria and viruses. It is only suitable for general haze days, dust and wind protection. A mask with a weaker protection rating and cannot be used to prevent disease. Are non-sterile masks good?


Depending on the specific needs, non-sterile masks can be used in environments with low protection, while sterilized masks are required to protect health in seasons and environments with frequent infectious diseases. Non-sterile masks are a common type of masks in life, which can isolate dust and smoke. It is feasible as daily protection, but it is recommended to use sterilized masks for medical use. Do you need to buy sterilization grade masks?




As the case may be. Under normal circumstances, non-sterile masks can be used in haze days, sandstorm days, and fluffy seasons. When infectious diseases are frequent or if someone around you is infected with infectious diseases, it is best to wear sterilized masks to protect against diseases. 1. Non-sterile masks are used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's nose and mouth. 2. Sterilization-grade masks, comfortable, odorless, free of glass fiber, non-irritating to the skin, waterproof, and can kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission medium after disinfection, making them harmless; and can be Dustproof, because of the small breathing resistance and hygienic wearing, the aerosol, dust, fumigation, mist droplets, poisonous gas and poisonous vapor are adsorbed by the filter material to prevent them from being inhaled by people, and effectively isolate the pollution source. Why are medical masks non-sterile?  Medical masks are not non-sterile masks. It can only be said that non-sterile masks are included in medical masks. Medical masks are a large category, including a variety of mask types, such as: medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, general medical masks and other categories. Different masks have different protection strengths, and non-sterile masks are also one of them.

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