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When many people buy masks, they will find that there are medical masks and medical surgical masks on the market. Which one is better, medical masks or medical surgical masks?


Which one is better, a medical mask or a medical surgical mask?


Medical surgical masks are more protective. Both medical masks and medical surgical masks have a three-layer structure, but in general, the middle layer of medical surgical masks will be thicker, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses will be stronger, and there is also a certain degree of splashing of blood and body fluids. The standard and requirements, with a certain degree of water resistance. Therefore, relatively speaking, the protective effect of medical surgical masks will be better, and it is more suitable for medical personnel, suspected cases, and people in high-risk areas to wear. Can ordinary people use medical masks?



Type IIR Medical Surgical Mask (Ear-Loop)ASTM F2100-L3 Medical Surgical MaskType IIR Medical Surgical Mask (Tie-On)

Medical masks can prevent the spread of droplets. As long as they are worn perfectly, medical masks can also play a better protective effect. Therefore, for ordinary people, as long as they do not go to medium and high-risk areas or come into contact with medium and high-risk groups, Wearing a medical mask is sufficient. However, medical masks are disposable after all, and cannot be reused for a long time, so they need to be replaced regularly so that they can play a better role in protecting the human body. How often should medical masks be replaced in 4-6 hours? The replacement time for medical masks is 4-6 hours. In special cases, it can be determined whether to replace the masks according to the cleanliness of the masks. If the masks are not worn for a long time, the places they go to and the people they are in contact with are relatively safe. , then the used mask can also be placed in a ventilated place to dry and reused, but it is best not to reuse it for more than 72 hours. If the mask has been damaged, wet, or contaminated, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary consequences. Can children use medical masks?

Type I Medical Disposable MaskType I Medical Disposable Mask (Cartoon)Type I Medical Disposable Mask (Morandi Series)

Adult medical masks are not recommended. Medical masks are generally designed according to the size of an adult's face, while children's heads and faces are relatively small. If an adult medical mask is worn, a relatively sealed environment cannot be formed on the face. This not only does not have a good protective effect but also causes a waste of masks. Therefore, it is not recommended for children to use adult medical masks, but medical masks are specially designed for children. At the same time, because children's resistance is relatively low, So avoid taking your children to crowded places.

Type IIR Medical Surgical Mask for Kids

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