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Medical masks are usually called surgical masks. The virus is currently in a period of high incidence. It is recommended that the public wear surgical masks to protect themselves. However, many people do not know how to choose and buy medical masks. They do not know whether medical masks are waterproof. Talk about the purchase of medical masks, let's take a look.


Are medical masks waterproof?

There is waterproof function. The medical surgical mask is a device worn by the surgeon during the operation that can completely cover the mouth and nose, which can protect the surgical patient and prevent the operating room personnel from being contaminated with microorganisms and body fluids. Medical surgical masks are also used to protect medical staff from contact with large infectious droplets (diameter> 5um). Medical surgical masks need to be evaluated by standard test procedures for water resistance, bacterial filtration, inhalation resistance, and flame retardancy. The standard medical surgical mask consists of three layers, the outer layer and the inner layer are non-woven fabrics, and the middle is melt blown cloth. The outer layer blocks body fluids, the middle layer absorbs particles, and the inner layer absorbs moisture.


Does the medical protective mask have an exhalation valve?

Medical protective masks are not allowed to have an exhalation valve. This is because when medical protective masks are allowed to be used as surgical masks, if you wear a mask with an exhalation valve, the microorganisms carried in the exhalation will be directly discharged out of the mask, posing a threat to patients undergoing surgery. Many industrial protective masks have an exhalation valve design, but the price of dust masks with an exhalation valve is much higher than those without valves.


How do I know if it is a medical mask

1. First of all, let’s see if the words “Medical Surgical Masks” are displayed on the packaging. Some only show medical masks, not medical surgical masks. 2. Secondly, medical surgical masks we see will display the words of the second category of medical equipment. If it is not displayed, it will not be in many cases. Therefore, if the masks we buy display the words "Medical Surgical Masks" and also display the second-class medical equipment, they are basically medical surgical masks.


How to distinguish the front and back of a medical mask

1. Judging by color The outer layer of medical surgical masks is mostly light blue or dark; the inner layer is mostly white or light. 2. Judging by the hand feeling, the outer layer is mostly smooth because of its water-blocking function; while the inner layer is moisture-absorbing, choose materials with good air permeability, which are more delicate and comfortable. 3. Judging according to the position of the nose clip The bead of the nose clip (metal strip) is generally in the middle and outer layers, and the more prominent side of the plastic strip is usually the outside. After wearing the mask, the wearer should press the nose clip with both hands to make the mask fit closely with the nose and face. The nose is clipped on the outer layer, which is more convenient for shaping. 4. According to the direction of the wrinkle, the metal strip (nose clip) is on the top, the side with the wrinkle down is the outside, and the side with the wrinkle up is the inside. The purpose of this design is to avoid liquid retention. When the mask is splashed by blood or body fluids, the splashes will not accumulate in the folds of the mask. 5. Judging by the product "trademark" If the product trademark on the mask can be read from the front, that side is the outside.


What needs to be reminded is: 1. Before clearly distinguishing the inside and outside of the mask, it is not recommended to use the medical surgical mask, so as to avoid increasing the risk of infection by medical staff. 2. When wearing a mask, pay attention to the mask must be close to the face, and the whole mask Cover the mouth, nose and chin. 3. Generally, masks should be changed every 4 hours. 4. When the mask is contaminated, it is difficult to breathe, the mask is damaged or twisted, and cannot maintain a good fit on the face, the mask must be replaced immediately.

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