How long can a disposable medical mask package be used after it is opened? What happens if you wear a mask for three days? - famous disposable mask

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Seeing that the epidemic situation in the north is getting serious again, I bought some masks on the group purchase and hoarded them. However, there are many disposable medical masks in a box. I don't know how long they can be used after opening the package.


How long can the disposable medical mask package be used after it is opened

Decide according to the situation. After the disposable medical mask is opened, the inside may be non-independent packaging. This kind of mask is generally valid for about 1 week to 1 month. After opening, it is easy to be contaminated and damp, so once it is opened, it must be used up as soon as possible, such as If it is found to be damp or damaged, it should not be used. Before taking out the non-independently packaged mask, wash your hands and seal the remaining mask after taking out the mask. This can reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask and prolong the use time of the mask. . But if it is an individually packaged mask, it is generally made with sterile indicators, and its shelf life is the same as the shelf life indicated on the outer packaging of the mask, which is about 6 months to 2 years.


Are the 50 non-independently packaged masks hygienic?

Purchasing qualified masks is in line with hygiene standards. The 50 non-independently packaged masks are sterile masks, which are medical masks that meet the microbiological control standards, that is, allow a certain amount of bacteria, but must be within a controllable range. Although they are not individually packaged, they may carry part of them during the retrieval process. Bacteria, but it meets the requirements of hygiene standards at the time of production and can be used with confidence. However, if conditions permit, it is best to buy individually packaged masks for easy replacement and access, and after a period of time, their protective effects will not be affected.


How to store masks that are not individually packaged

1. If the purchased masks are not individually packaged, the unused masks should be stored in a well-ventilated, dark, dry environment, away from fire and pollutants, and can be stored in a dry and clean carton or paper bag, such as Clean envelopes are recommended to be replaced every day. 2. If possible, you can also use mask storage boxes, cloth bags, or ordinary plastic boxes to store masks, but it should be reminded that it needs to be cleaned and disinfected every day.


Note 1. Avoid storing clean masks and contaminated masks in the same storage box. 2. If you have used a mask for a while, if you need to temporarily store it, it is recommended to fold the inner side of the mask in half and store it in the box; when storing a clean mask in a storage box, it is recommended that the outer side open to the box. 3. The used mask storage box should be kept dry and clean. 4. Pay attention to the disinfection of the storage box. The storage box is disinfected daily and dried in a ventilated place. 5. Pay attention to hand hygiene. Disinfect your hands before removing the mask in the storage box. When removing the mask, avoid touching the inner side of the mask with your fingers.


What happens if you wear a mask for three days

The protective effect of masks will be significantly reduced. For disposable masks, the use time is about 4-6 hours. Disposable medical masks should be worn during the epidemic. Daily protective masks can be appropriately extended. Generally, it is recommended to replace them in 1-2 days. If they are damaged or contaminated, they should be replaced in time. After using for 3 days, the protective effect of the mask will be significantly reduced, and the dust particles, bacteria and viruses adhering to the outer layer of the mask and the bacteria and viruses produced by the inner layer of the mask are easy to breed, which can easily lead to respiratory diseases or face. Skin problems. Note that the same mask can only be worn by one person; the number of repeated uses should not exceed 5 times; when the mask is contaminated by the blood, body fluids or nasal secretions of the infected person, the respiratory resistance of the mask increases, and the mask is in close contact with the infected person, the mask should be discarded.

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