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With the development of the epidemic, masks have become an indispensable item at home, but if you wear masks for too long, such as wearing masks all the time, will it cause any harm to your health?


Can you wear a mask all day long

not good. Masks can not only block bacteria, dust and harmful substances in the outside air, but also absorb and collect bacteria and stolen goods exhaled from the respiratory tract. If you wear a mask all day long, it is likely that the mask will be contaminated with a large number of bacteria and harmful substances. , These bacteria and harmful substances come from the air and their own respiratory tract, which will be harmful to health, causing breathing difficulties, chest tightness, discomfort, and even hypoxia.


What is the effect of wearing a mask for a long time on the body

1. Indentation and cracking of the facial skin. Mechanical damage caused by pressure and friction on the skin tissues caused by wearing a mask for a long time. Common parts are the cheekbones, cheeks, behind the ears that are in contact with the mask straps, and the bridge of the nose that is in contact with the mask's shaping part. Solution (1) Wear a mask with proper elasticity. Generally speaking, disposable medical masks can be worn during low-risk exposures. This type of bandage can reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ears. N95 ear-hook masks will tighten the face when worn, so you can choose when you go to crowded places or when you are in contact with patients. (2) The wearing time should not be too long. If sanitary conditions permit, take off the mask for 2-3 hours or change the position of the mask to reduce local pressure. (3) Before wearing, you can apply emollient locally to reduce the skin irritation caused by the friction of the edge of the mask. 2. Allergic phenomena such as erythema, papules, itching, etc. may occur. For example, mask materials, such as non-woven fabrics, metal clips, rubber bands, etc., can cause allergies and contact dermatitis for a small number of people; use substandard masks, Fake and inferior materials may stimulate skin allergies when worn; have been worn for a long time, or the skin barrier will be damaged by excessive cleaning, and the dampness of the mask will easily breed bacteria, which will cause skin redness and itching. Solution (1) People with allergies should understand the material of the mask before wearing it, avoid allergic ingredients, and avoid using fake and inferior products. (2) When the mask is wet, replace the mask in time. 3. Mild hypoxia is prone to problems. For example, the breathability of the mask worn is relatively poor, often because the manufacturer is not formal, and the mask material of poor material is used; the mask and the face are tightly fitted, such as N95, etc., which is for cardiopulmonary function For the better people, wearing such a mask is usually no problem, but for people with poor cardiopulmonary function, there is another layer of resistance during the breathing process, and the air circulation is not smooth, and it is likely to have mild hypoxia. ; It may also be caused by improper replacement of the mask. Although it is not mild hypoxia, it will cause breathing difficulties. Solution (1) You must go to regular supermarkets or pharmacies to buy some good quality masks, which can effectively reduce the probability of this problem. (2) It is recommended to wear N95 masks that fit tightly to the face when going to crowded places or when contacting patients, and wear disposable medical masks when exposed to low risk. (3) Be sure to replace the masks in time. When there is no epidemic situation, replace the disposable masks one at a time. 4. If the cold cover is stored or improperly stored during use, it will breed bacteria and be prone to infection. Of course, it is easy to cause a cold or fever; if you wear a mask for a long time, your body will lack exercise and your immunity will become weaker. You are more likely to catch a cold if you catch a cold. Solution (1) In normal times or under normal weather conditions, healthy people should not wear masks every day. People with chronic respiratory diseases can wear masks appropriately. (2) It is recommended that when you need to wear a mask, it is best to take it off when the air circulation is good, and do not contact with other objects during use to avoid increasing the risk of infection. (3) After wearing the mask, the mask must be disinfected before it can be used for the second time. Generally speaking, disposable masks are replaced one at a time.


Will wearing a mask for a long time become ugly?

It will affect skin health and cause acne. Wearing a mask for a long time, the bacteria or dust on the mask can irritate the skin of the face, and the repeated rubbing of the mask on the face can easily cause skin diseases, and if the mask is worn too tight, it can also cause skin scars. It is recommended to choose a mask with suitable elasticity and clean your face before wearing the mask; do not wear the mask on both sides in turn, and replace the dirty mask in time; do not wear the mask for more than 6 hours at a time, and you need to remove the mask to breathe air.


How long does the disposable mask need to be replaced?

1. If disposable masks are worn in a densely crowded environment, it is recommended to replace them if they are worn continuously for more than 4 hours. 2. If it is in normal times or in an open environment, it can be worn for about 8 hours. 3. If the medical mask appears damp, or is splashed by secretions and blood, or the mask is damaged, it must be replaced in time.

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